Selling your home… Keeping the memories

As a real estate broker, I am proud of the level of service I provide. I understand the unique value of your property and all the emotions that go with it. The house may sell, but you can hold onto the memories you’ve made for life. Whether it’s the next dream or the next chapter, it’s all about YOU. I get it.

When you list your property with me, you’ll receive the following:


Jill prides herself on being able to properly price a property in order to maximize profits no matter what the market conditions are. Everything listed below will be of no use if the price is wrong. Jill can show you spreadsheets of sales data to help demonstrate exactly what the market will bear. As the saying goes, “your house is only worth what someone will pay for it”.


A professional, full colour brochure highlighting the desirable features of your property will be created and distributed to potential buyers and real estate offices locally, nationally and possibly internationally.


I pay attention to every detail to ensure your home is properly presented to prospective buyers. A poor showing can make or break a sale! I arrive early to turn on lights, make the beds, etc…. I make sure your property is ready to give the best first impression possible. If needed, I can arrange to have your home professionally staged so it looks its best. I’ll also be sure to know your neighbourhood intimately so I can answer any questions a buyer may have.


I can close the deal. Knowing how to negotiate the offer is crucial. I make it happen and also know when you should walk away. I am a master at maximizing YOUR bottom line.  Sometimes, creativity goes a long way!


Sent to your local area and select areas. Your property may benefit from a full colour mailer that informs potential buyers of the listing and sale.


I subscribe to “Google Adwords” allowing your property to be viewed on our website by millions of prospective buyers worldwide. Your home will be advertised on both our mobile and standard websites with large photos and relevant information. Our website is constantly updated.

My commitment to you is… RESULTS!


Your property will be immediately entered on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the information center for the real estate brokerage community in Canada and on Matrix, the only real estate program used by all certified agents to access all listings in Quebec. The listing will carry the most amount of photos and text possible and no detail will go un-checked. This is your first impression to the world!


Your property will be regularly advertised on a local, regional and global platform – I have exclusive back pages the Westmount Independent, as well as priority placement in The Gazette. Your property will also be advertised on websites such as,,,,,, ,


I won’t plant a sign in the ground and disappear. You’ll receive feedback after every visit and if I don’t have requests for visits, I’ll still be in touch. I won’t wait for your listing to go stale before adjusting to the market conditions. You’ll know what is going on every step of the way. Whether by email, voicemail, texting, Skype etc… you will hear from me in the manner YOU want.


The interior and exterior of your home will be professionally photographed within days of a signed mandate. Should the season change during our mandate, we will update photos.


I’ll promote your property through all social media channels. It’s a fantastic way to get information to targeted buyers with the click of a mouse. I regularly post on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. My network is expanding daily!


It is Jill. That is it. Only Jill will open your door or handle your offers. Your keys will not be lost amongst a team of agents, but rather every detail is handled only by Jill. A support team is there to help with paperwork.  I’m accessible by phone 24/7 – whether by phone, email, text, Skype, Whatsapp or any other method you prefer; YOU will reach me.